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How Rule 1 increased clicks 28% in 2 hours
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“28% lift in clicks to our website for 2 hours of work!”

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Instant client, Rule 1 Ventures, supports TruckerCloud, the fastest way to connect Electronic Log Data (ELD) to any application. Currently, the telematics space receives little to no search volume in the search engines and the keywords that make sense for TruckerCloud’s solutions are longtail SEO keywords at best. Also, there are numerous ELDs and connection points, so the unique combination of ELD to connection point leads to hundreds of valid options seen in real search traffic. 

For the Rule 1 team, it would have been a huge lift to create 70+ ELD website pages with their appropriate connections. They wanted to generate more organic form submissions for TruckerCloud as their growth and marketing partner but didn’t know how they could realistically create these website pages quickly to capture that aggregate search volume.

It was then that the Rule 1  team found Instant to power the mass creation of these pages, or adopt a programmatic SEO (pSEO) strategy, for TruckerCloud.

Using Airtable as its database and syncing it to their client’s Webflow instance, they created 70+ ELD connector pages for Truckercloud in 2 hours of work from start to finish. Here’s the top-level directory page showing all of these programmatically created pages:

“ELD Integrations with TruckerCloud” connections page
“ELD Integrations with TruckerCloud” connections page

And here’s an example of one of the programmatically created pages about the OmnitracsVLV ELD:

TruckerCloud’s “OmnitracsVLV ELD” programmatically-created
TruckerCloud’s “OmnitracsVLV ELD” programmatically-created

This kind of lift would have easily taken 30+ hours without Instant doing the heavy lifting. This frees up a significant amount of time and capital to invest in other areas for the businesses we serve.” - Ian Binek, Rule 1 Venture’s Growth Marketing Manager

So, how have these pSEO pages performed?

Since launching these programmatic SEO pages for TruckerCloud, they have achieved a 28% lift in clicks to the site over a 30-day period:

And this is just the beginning for Ian and his team at Rule 1 Ventures, as he summarized below: 

“After Instant helped us build 100s of PSEO pages in minutes after we created our Airtable base, leading to a 28% lift in clicks to the site over 30 days, we are continuing to double down on this strategy by pursuing new topic cluster ideas with the brand and taking this capability to our other partners!”
28% increase
In clicks
Hours of work